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🔥🔥🔥 TEXT_TITLE_PORTADA_TOP Fireboy and Watergirl Go Fishing Fireboy and Watergirl Go Fishing

🔥 War of elements with Fire and Water 🔥

Fire and water are two opposing elements of the earth but they will join in the fun adventures of the characters Watergirl and Fireboy. The water girl and the fire boy will have to cooperate to achieve the objective of collecting the gems and reaching the portals that will take them to the next levels. It is a cooperative game for which we can count on the help of a friend or family member, having to play from the same device. One will drive Watergirl, causing him to pass through water hazards and dodge those of escape. The other must do the same with Fireboy, except that he will be resistant to fire obstacles but avoid water. Activate the necessary mechanisms and achieve your goal in fire and water games.

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