Yandere and Senpai

Game: Yandere and Senpai

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Yandere and Senpai
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Yandere and Senpai

Is an online Yandere Simulator game

- yandere has grown tired of going after Senpai and confronting the Girls who come at him. Now, he has already learned that the culprit is not them, but him, so he has decided to take his revenge against the one who was the love of his life. Prepare yourself in this click game in which you will have to use the mouse, or the touch screen of your mobile device, to stab Senpai as many times as you want until death. Do you dare with this new yandere and Senpai game?.

One of the Yandere simulator games that we have selected for you to enjoy playing this wonderful game: yandere and Senpai and it's free!!!

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