Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022

Game: Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022

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Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022
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Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022

Is a game of Sonic the hedgehog

- Sonic is back with a new one of his adventures in a hackrom created by fans of this great Nintendo classic. Sonic 2 CD Remix is a fun game in which phases and levels from different titles have been implemented, creating something totally unique in this title. Get ready to go through all the circuits of this game with Sonic and Tails and manage to complete the new Sonic 2 CD Remix version 2022.

One of the Sonic the hedgehog games that we have selected for you to enjoy playing this wonderful game: Sonic 2 CD Remix: Vers. 2022 and it's free!!!

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