Pokemon Glazed 9.0

Game: Pokemon Glazed 9.0

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Pokemon Glazed 9.0
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Pokemon Glazed 9.0

Is an online Pokémon game

- This version of pokemon is a modification of the classic Game Boy Advance adventurePokémon Emerald. Start a new adventure to become the best pokemon trainer with this edition that includes some changes and improvements such as:

- 5 starters instead of three, catchable.

- Travel through Tunod, Johto, and Rankor.

- Dreamworld.

- pokemon up to 6th Generation.

- Travel between the Real World and the Pokémon World.

- Rematches against trainers and Gym Leaders.

- All legendaries.

- New moves with out of combat effects.

- Physical/Special/State Division.

One of the Pokémon games that we have selected for you to enjoy playing this wonderful game: Pokemon Glazed 9.0 and it's free!!!

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